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First, we recommend that you have a recent version of Internet Explorer.  If you do not, you can click here to download and install the latest software.  Depending on your organization, you may want to contact your technical support staff and have them do this for you.

We also recommend that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader; you can download it from this screen by clicking on the "Get Adobe Acrobat" icon on the left side of the screen.  Follow the instructions for installing Acrobat Reader.  Once you have completed the installation, you may continue.  Again, you may want to allow your technical support staff to do this as well.

Now, Click here to print this screen. Have the printout in front of you for the next step.  The instructions below will walk you through real-life examples.

Click here to enter the site as a Human Resources professional.

The first thing you will see on our site will be the "What's New" page. This page will inform you of any changes, updates or relevant news about our site. You will see the "What's New" page only when we have new information to pass on to you. If you don't see the "What's New" page it means you or someone else has viewed it already.  To view it again, just click the "What's New" link on the top, rights side of the screen.

Press "Continue" on the bottom of the "What's New" page.

You are now at the "Human Resources Search" screen. This screen is designed specifically for Human Resources professionals. You are now ready to quickly access the information you are looking for.  Below are some examples for you to try.

Note: Each screen in ObjectBaseX™ has a built in help facility. To access help from any screen, just click on the big yellow question mark in the top right corner of that screen.

You can improve the usability of the system further by choosing the right hardware and by making a few simple changes to the Adobe Acrobat default settings.  To see a list of recommended settings and instructions for changing them, click here.

Have any Questions? Press "Contact Us" in the upper right corner and send us an email or give us a call!