What is ObjectBaseX?

Imaging and Document Management.
Insurance documents, medical records, shipping documents, invoices, checks, receipts, forms--the documents that form the basis for business around the world--and the business of your office. Businesses around the world depend upon data that is stored as a document or an image. All kinds of critical business data is printed on paper (or imaged on film) and stored--in filing cabinets and archival facilities. ObjectBaseX™ permits you to share that information--securely--with users anywhere in the world.

Sharing information
ObjectBaseX is a web-based service that permits companies to save documents in a secure, redundant server environment--and retrieve those documents securely using a web browser. Insurance companies, shipping firms, trucking companies, hospitals, and many other firms have used ObjectBase for decades to store insurance policies, bills of lading, and other critical business documents--now you can join those customers in experiencing the convenience and security of ObjectBase using your web browser...with ObjectBaseX.